Rumor: Peavy on Trading Block

Rumors are swirling around New York and San Diego about a possible blockbuster trade involving 25 year old star pitcher, Jake Peavy. Peavy had a record of 11-14 last year but struck out 215 batters in 202 innings pitched. If a trade of this magnitude were to materialize, the Padres would likely ask for highly heralded prospect Lastings Milledge among others to be included in the deal.

Unless the Mets plan on making the Padres an offer they simply can’t refuse, I wouldn’t hold your breath on this one coming to fruition.




  1. Rita

    You’re absolutely right about that grain of salt. I checked Lee’s “away” stats for Wrigley Field and MMP. If he really is basing his decision on those stats, he would be better off playing for Houston. His avg this year at Wrigley Field is .393 and his avg at Minute Maid is .545…Trust Cub fans to come up with crazy stuff!

  2. RumorMill

    I think you were wanting to comment on the last post but yeah, Houston would be a better fit for Lee. However, I’m actually not convinced that they’ll sign him either. I think he might end up signing a BIG contract somewhere and I’m not sure Houston or Chicago will be able to comepete.

  3. Kellia

    Considering the shortage of quality pitching in MLB right now, Milledge is more useful for pitching trade-bait, than in the outfield. Outfielders are more easily replaced, even the good ones. And the Mets are a big market team that can spend the money to get one of the top free agent outfielders. Milledge for Peavy is a good idea.

    Of course, I will admit that as an Eric Byrnes fan and a Mets fan, I view anything that would weaken the D’Backs’ rivals int he NL West and strengthen the Mets as a good idea.


    Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes

  4. RumorMill

    Yeah, I think it would be a great idea for the Mets if they could get the Padres to go for it. They’ve already got Reyes and Wright locked in long term. Now they need a couple of young stud arms and they’ll be set for quite a while. You can always fill in gaps with free agents or trades, especially if you have the money the Mets do.

  5. Rita

    Yeah, I noticed it AFTER I had already posted it, but I figured you were smart enough to know what I meant. đŸ™‚

    BTW, you’re right that the Astros may not go after Lee. As I posted on my blog, there is a much cheaper option available if the stats he’s posting in the VWL hold up.


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