Rumor: Buerhle Staying Put?

Update: There are rumors running around that Buerhle has resigned with the White Sox for 4 years at $50 million. To me that seems way too low to be true and so far it’s only 3rd hand information. I’ll work under the assumption that he’s not resigned until I find a more reliable source.

I’ve been writing the Rumor Mill for quite a while now and reading rumors for even longer but I can’t remember any situation ever being as crazy as the Mark Buerhle saga. He’s been on the trading block for weeks, several teams have been rumored to be front runners, the Red Sox jumped to the lead, then claimed Chicago had planted the rumors, Buehrle’s affinity for the Cardinals was rumored to be a sticking point with several teams (they were basically assured of getting a rental), and now it appears that Buerhle might not be going anywhere?!?

The Chicago Sun Times today reported that the White Sox and Buerhle have apparently had a change of heart and hope to get an extension done by the end of the week.

"The Boston Red Sox, who had jumped out as the clear favorite to acquire White Sox left-hander Mark Buehrle during the weekend, have pulled out of the sweepstakes, according to one source. And not because the asking price of top minor-league prospects was too high or because they no longer coveted Buehrle’s services, but because Buehrle is no longer on the trading block for the time being."

The article goes on to say

The Sun-Times has learned that a change of heart in both the Buehrle and White Sox camps during the last 48 hours has led to talks about the sides somehow getting together and agreeing on a contract extension by the end of the week.

Now, call me a skeptic but I’ve always had a hard time believing stories that relied heavily on unnamed sources. **** I could sit here and tell you that a "source" from the Cardinals organization told me that they are bringing Big Mac out of retirement and trading for Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson. Of course that would be complete BS but hey, it’s from a source right?

I don’t see any reason Buerhle would sign with any team before testing the free agent market. With the kind of money that was thrown around last year, the offer would have be pretty compelling. Being a Cardinals fan I would like to think that the lefty still wants to play for his home town team and would do so at a considerable discount, however, when you’re talking about that kind of money, I think all bets are off.

There’s sure to be more news and twists in this suddenly entertaining soap opera, and I’ll try to keep you updated as best I can.


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