Rumor: Braves Acquire Teixeira

Ken Rosenthall of Fox Sports is reporting that the Atlanta Braves have acquired star slugger Mark Teixeira. This will be a HUGE deal if the report ends up being accurate. For what it’s worth Rosenthall is almost always right on these things.

"The deal is done, pending a review of the medical records of the players involved, according to major-league sources.

The Braves will receive Teixeira and left-handed reliever Ron Mahay.

The Rangers will receive catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Class A shortstop Elvis Andrus and two pitching prospects."

That’s quite a bounty and I like Salty a LOT but you’ve got to think this will be a big boost for the Braves. I’d love to hear what guest blogger Derrek Wonderland has to say about it, since the Braves are his hometown team.



One comment


    I really like the trade. (Notice I didnt say “love”). Teixeira instantly upgrades the inconsistent offense and should give Chipper (who is having a tremendous season, by the way) a lot more protection than Andruw was doing this year. And he also instantly upgrades the defense because he is a gold glove caliber fielder. The only issues I have with the trade are Teixeria’s “signability” after next year and the bounty we gave up to get him….I think Salty is going to be a stud. But i am optimistic that the Braves got the better end of the bargain because Shuerholtz has a track record of trading away propsects who never reach their potential (Andy Marte ring a bell?)

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