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October Baseball Cartoons

Well with the playoffs in full swing and the busy hot stove season just around the corner, I’ll be once again cranking this blog up. For now though, I’m enjoying this year’s post season as much as possible without my Cardinals being in it. But hey, at least the Cards won as many post season games as the Cubs this year right? How’s that 100 years of losing coming? LoL

Anyway, there are a couple of great playoff related cartoons published over at ToonRefugee.com. One is for all you Dback and Cubs fans:


and the other is for the Yankee and Indians fans out there:


I’m not sure if there will be more with each series or not but the two that are up now are definitely worth a look.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the playoffs as much as I am, I’ll see you all after the World Series!

Rumor: Yankees Trade Unit to Diamondbacks

Mlbtraderumors.com pointed me to a Metsblog post that claims the Yankees have traded Randy Johnson to the Arizona Diamond backs in exchange for "Luis Vizcaino and minor leaguers RHP Steven Jackson, RHP Ross Ohlendorf and SS Alberto Gonzalez."

The Metsblog is citing a reporter on a local radio station WFAN as his source. So… while the trade has been rumored for quite some time, take this for what it is, third or fourth hand information. If this is in fact the trade that occurs, it would seem that the Yankees got quite a bit in exchange for Johnson. The financial details of the deal will be interesting to look at as well.

Updates to come as more information becomes available.

Wait, did you hear that? Why, that was thousands of sports writers putting their finishing touches on their Roger Clemens to the Yankees story. Woohoo… more coverage of the most overhyped baseball story of the past 4 winters… Where will the Rocket land… If you wouldn’t mind, wake me when pitchers and catchers report. Thanks.

Rumor: Zito Getting Giant Contract

Right about now is when Barry Zito’s faith in "super agent" Scott Boras is paying off. As the pool of free agent pitching dwindles and teams are learning what it would take to make trades happen, Zito’s stock has slowly been rising. While only a few teams (Rangers, Mets, and Mariners) considered themselves contenders for Zito’s services before this week, the New York Yankees entered the scene and lit a fire under the collective butts of any interested team.

Yesterday, the New York papers were full of Randy Johnson trade rumors and the possible Yankee signing of Barry Zito. Today, the New York Post claims that the Giants are "signaling to Scott Boras a willingness to exceed the magical $100 million barrier for Barry Zito." See what happens when the Yankees get involved?

The Mets have long been rumored to be the front-runner to land Zito, however, they’ve stuck to their guns about only giving the pitcher a 5 year deal. Boras of course is asking for 6 or 7 years (and possibly a farm as well). The Texas Rangers have given Boras a Saturday deadline to respond to their 6 year offer, but I hope they’re not holding their breath.

The Yankees on the other hand are still trying to deal the "Big Unit" and are reportedly asking for 3 pitching prospects from the Diamondbacks in return. If that deal happens, expect to see Zito’s price climb even higher.

Trade Report: Brewers and Diamondbacks Swap Six

Just finishing up some odds and ends from last weekend (which I spent half of eating, the other half sleeping) so firgive me if this is old news to you. On Saturday, the Milwaukee Brewers and Arizona Diamondbacks put the finishing touches on the biggest trade thus far this offseason.

MLB.com is reporting that "Milwaukee received former All-Star catcher Johnny Estrada, right-handed
starter Claudio Vargas and right-handed reliever Greg Aquino for steady
left-handed starter Doug Davis and a pair of prospects, lefty Dana
Eveland and outfielder David Krynzel." Estrada batted .302 last year for the D’backs, Vargas went 12-10 with a 4.83 ERA, and Aquino compiled a 4.47 ERA in 42 relief appearances. On the flip side, Davis pitched 200 innings going 11-11 with a 4.91 ERA, Eveland had a rough strech with an ERA above 8 in 5 starts and 9 appearances, and Krynzel spent the year in the minors.

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Rumor: Diamondbacks talking to Mulder

It’s no secret that the Arizona Diamondbacks are looking for pitching help this off season (although at this point, what team isn’t?). Reportedly, the Diamondbacks are interested in injured free agent, Mark Mulder. Mulder, who is recovering from a September rotator cuff surgery, hopes to be ready to pitch by Spring Training but would still be a risky signing. Due to that risk, many teams, including the Dbacks, Mets, Orioles and of course the Cardinals are hoping that Mulder will come at a discounted price. The Cardinals are hoping to sign Mulder to an incentive laden one year deal similar to the one they inked with Matt Morris or Chris Carpenter. The Diamondbacks have geography on their side, as Mulder spends winters in Phoenix.

Whichever team signs Mulder, they will be competing with more teams that initially thought. Mulder’s agent told reporters “We’ve been inundated, even more than I thought for the first day. Mark has been taken aback by it a little bit.” He went on to say "At this stage, you wait and see what the market will be. Once he is on the open market, you get a sense of supply and
demand.” Translation… let the bidding begin!