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Super Bowl XLI

How about those Colts baby!?! The SuperBowl is going to be fan freaking tastic and I can’t wait. Really it’s a win win situation for me as I’ve been a longtime Colts fan (I had to split my loyalties once the Rams came to town) and I have a ton of friends who are Bears fans. I’m off to find a Manning jersey to wear in a houseful of Bears fans.


Posting from the Road

Hey everyone, just wanted to drop in and give you a few news bites if you havent heard already. This post will be pretty short because I’m on the road but I didn’t want to leave everyone hanging.

  1. Trot Nixon signed with the Cleveland Indians with a one year deal.
  2. David Wells re-signed for one year with the San Diego Padres.
  3. The Phillies have signed Chase Utley to a 7 year $85 million contract extension that could look like a bargain a few years down the line.

That’s about it as far as I know. There’s been quite a bit of talk around St. Louis about the Cardinals re-signing Jeff Weaver. Weaver was on the radio saying he would rather have years and stability rather than more money. That should play into the Cardinals’ plans nicely and I’d expect a deal in the 3-4 year range for a minimal base salary with a lot of incentives worked in.

Well, that’s all for now folks. Enjoy the wonderful day of football. Go Bears and Go Colts!!

Baseball Robot

Ok, so this isn’t exactly a rumor bit it’s definitely cool. This robot makes contact more often than Ichiro! Of course, the pitches are all in roughly the same spot but still, this could be a cool way to give kids fielding practice etc. Anyway, check it out.


Boycott UMG (Universal Music Group)

Ok, so this is far from a hot stove rumor, however, I feel this likely affects most bloggers.

In a recent interviewUniversal Music Group (UMG) chairman/CEO, Doug Morris, called every
iPod owner a thief. It’s pretty rare that the CEO of a company pisses
off millions of potential and current customers but Morris managed to
do just that when he told reporters “These devices [iPods and Zunes]
are just repositories for stolen music, and they all know it. So it’s
time to get paid for it.”

So, I have decided to boycott UMG and would encourage you to do likewise. BoycottUMG.com please sign the petition and get code for a badge to show your support.

Also, if you are a member of digg.com please help spread the word by digging this article.