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Rumor: Blue Jays Shopping Pitchers

Towers Ahh you’ve got to love a good trade rumor don’t you? Over the weekend the Toronto Sun reported that Blue Jays’ GM, J.P. Ricciardi, reportedly called around to several clubs last week letting them know pitchers Josh Towers and Tomo Ohka aren’t exactly untouchable. In fact, the Jays might be willing to foot the bill for the pitchers to pitch elsewhere. And, since there is pretty much always a demand for pitching (even mediocre pitching), several teams including the Mariners, Cardinals, Pirates and most of the rest of the NL were rumored to be interested.

Ohka However, today, the Toronto Star is quoting Ricciardi as saying "We’ll listen on anyone, but it’s just that time of year when names start popping up." Yeah, I’ll bet they do when you’re the one throwing them out there. My guess is both are still very much on the trading block and the Jays’ GM is simply trying to get maximum value in return for his two less than stellar pitchers. I mean you never want to sound desperate to unload a guy even if you really are right?

Just for grins, here are Towers and Ohka’s numbers so far this year:

Towers – 1-3 with a 5.63 ERA and 26Ks in 32 innings pitched over 8 games.
Ohka – 2-4 with a 5.52 ERA and 16Ks in 45.2 innings pitched also over 8 games.


Rumor Follow Up

I always like to follow up on the rumors that get posted here and today there are updates to not one but two of our previous posts.

The New York and Philadelphia media are buzzing about Ron Villone’s impending departure from the Yankees. NorthJersey.com reports that Villone hasn’t heard from the Yanks while the Philadelphia Daily News cites several sources that indicate the Phillies are practically drooling at the possibility of picking the lefty up once he hits the free agent market. Before Phils fans get too worked up, they should realize there’s plenty of demand for an effective left handed reliever and would likely be more than one bidder should Villone hit the market as predicted.

Also out of New York, it appears that the Mets aren’t interested in trading for current Pirate, Jose Castillo. The Mets seem to be content with their current situation and given their recent run of come from behind wins, I can’t say as I blame ’em. Castillo started at third yesterday in place of the injured Jose Bautista and if the disgruntled infielder can prove himself capable on the hot corner it could help his trade value once Bautista returns to the lineup.

Rumor: Castillo Requesting a Trade

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Jose Castillo has requested a trade.



"Jose Castillo‘s agent has asked the Pirates to try to trade his client if he cannot play regularly.

Castillo, the team’s everyday second baseman for three years before
becoming a spare part this season, has informed management through
agent Scott Pucino
that, if he is not going to see regular duty, he would prefer to be
sent elsewhere, two sources intimately familiar with the matter

The Mets look like the most likely candidates for a trade since Jose Valentine went down. However, at 26, I would think there’d be a few other teams willing to take a flier on someone with Jose’s skills in the field.

Update: Braves and Pirates Make a Deal

ESPN.com and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are reporting that the Atlanta Braves have traded the young power hitting first baseman, Adam LaRoche, for prized left handed reliever, Mike Gonzalez.

According to the Post-Gazette, the Pirates included another player in the deal, possibly Salmon Torres.

The deal would vastly improve Atlanta’s bullpen, adding Gonzalez’s 24 saves and 2.17 ERA and most likely another young arm from Pittsburgh’s ‘pen.

The Pirates receive the power hitter they’ve long been covetting. LaRoche is only 27 years old and smacked 32 home runs last year and has increased his home run and RBI total every year he’s been in the league.

Rumor: Yankees Pushing for 3 Team Solution

Rumors began to swirl yesterday about a possible trade in which the Yankees would swap Melky Cabrera for Pittsburgh’s Mike Gonzalez. Today, the author that first reported the rumor, Newsday’s Ken Davidoff, has brought a third team into the mix, the Atlanta Braves. In the rumored deal, the Yankees would send Cabrera to the Braves, the Braves would then send Adam LaRoche to the Pirates, and the Pirates would ship Gonzalez to the Yankees. The Yanks would get the left handed reliever they’ve been searching for to place in front of aging veteran Mariano Rivera (and possibly serve as an insurance policy in the event of a Rivera injury). The Braves would put the 22 year old Cabrera in the outfield and could use him to replace Andrew Jones, should the Braves deal him or lose him to free agency next year. The Pirates of course would get the power hitter that they’ve been looking for. LaRoche hit .285 last year while slugging 32 home runs. To be honest, the deal seems to make quite a bit of sense (which I can rarely say about three team trades). I’m not sure if all the teams involved would go for it (Braves and Pirates might be able to get more out of the players involved), but this is one of the more plausible rumors I’ve heard lately.

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