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October Baseball Cartoons

Well with the playoffs in full swing and the busy hot stove season just around the corner, I’ll be once again cranking this blog up. For now though, I’m enjoying this year’s post season as much as possible without my Cardinals being in it. But hey, at least the Cards won as many post season games as the Cubs this year right? How’s that 100 years of losing coming? LoL

Anyway, there are a couple of great playoff related cartoons published over at ToonRefugee.com. One is for all you Dback and Cubs fans:


and the other is for the Yankee and Indians fans out there:


I’m not sure if there will be more with each series or not but the two that are up now are definitely worth a look.

Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the playoffs as much as I am, I’ll see you all after the World Series!