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The Rumor Mill has Moved!

The Rumor Mill which provides all the latest MLB trade rumors and free agent signing news, has moved to it’s own domain and can now be found at MLBrumorblog.com.

Just click the link to jump over and visit us, or Click here, if you’d like to have the latest MLB news, notes, and most importantly trade rumors, delivered daily to your email inbox. Simply click on the link and then confirm your subscription and viola, you’re instantly up to date on all the latest rumors and trades in Major League Baseball.

If you’d rather keep tabs through your RSS feed reader, we can do that too. Just click here to subscribe to the Rumor Mill RSS feed!


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The All New Rumor Mill is Launched!

Well it’s been a long time coming but the all new Rumor Mill has been launched! Scoot on over to yoursportsfix.com/mlbrumormill to take a look at the new digs and even check out a Los Angeles Dodgers Rumor!

From now on all the mlb trade rumors and news items you’re used to finding here will be featured over on the new site. I will post over here on a fairly regular basis for a while with links to remind everyone where to find the most up-to-date news and notes from around the league. It’s been fun being a part of the MLBlogs community but it just doesn’t offer the flexibility and options I was needing.

Thanks and I’ll see you over at the new stomping ground!

Catching Up

Wow, I guess I picked the wrong time to work on turning this blog into it’s own site. The minute I neglect this place trades start happening and rumors begin to heat up. Anyway, as I’m sure you’ve all noticed I’ve been less than up to date recently and the reason is I’m working on YourSportsFix.com. Once it’s finished I’ll be moving this blog over there, however, apparently Joomla is much tougher than I thought. If any of you reading this happen to be web-designers or Joomla experts, please let me know. Seriously…

Anyway, speaking of catching up, the Cubs have been doing a bit of that themselves lately. Not only did they acquire catcher Jason Kendel but they (unlike my beloved Cardinals) have actually made a run in the NL Central standings. I’ve not jumped over to the Cubbie blogs nor have I visited the Brewers blogs on MLBlogs but I’d imagine Cubs fans are already trying to buy playoff tickets and Brewers fans are probably trying to figure out whether they can turn Ben Sheets’ trips to the DL into a drinking game.

Staying in the Windy City, the White Sox seem destined to trade at least one of their starters before the end of July if not more. Personally I’ve always been a fan of Garland but it sounds like it’s much more likely either Contreras or Vazquez or both will be packing their bags. Then of course there’s the suddenly unhappy Jermaine Dye as well as 2nd baseman Tadahito Iguchi that they’d like to unload.

I’ll try to keep up to date with things much more regularly as I think I’ve come to the end of my knowledge on getting YSF set up and the trade deadline is quickly approaching. If I missed this time of year, what would be the point of even HAVING this blog right? I love this game!

New Rumor Mill Sponsor

I’d like to introduce a new Rumor MIll site sponsor: Ticket City!


If you can’t tell, they sell sports tickets of all sorts but of course, being a baseball fan writing on a baseball site, I’ll be using the banner you see above at the end of posts. I’ll try to keep it from getting annoying and maybe keep it on every other post after the first few days. Anyway, be sure to click over and check out their site.


Moving on Up!

Alright ladies and gents, as you might have noticed, my posting has been sparse the past couple of days. While that’s happened a few times in the past, this time it’s different. You see, I’m not just being lazy! I know that’s hard to believe, but it’s true. This time, my wife and I are moving in to our new house and have a TON of packing and unpacking to do. Also not helping matters is the fact that we don’t yet have internet access at the new house.

However, also unlike previous gaps in my posting, The Rumor Mill now has a couple of guest bloggers standing by and they’ll be stepping in and shouldering the bulk of the load for the next couple of days. I don’t know about you, but I’ve really enjoyed Derek’s work so far and we’ll hopefully have our first post from another guest blogger before the week is up. So, you can still check here for all your MLB Trade Rumors and Rumblings and of course the occasional rant as well. Also, if you’d like a chance to step up to the plate and cover some trade rumors, now’s your best chance. Drop me an email at RumorMillRumblings[at]gmail.com and let me know you’re interested. I think we’ve got room enough for one more guest blogger so act fast.

With that, wish me luck… despite two moves in the past year, we still seem to have a LOT of stuff.

The Rumor Mill Wants You!

Alright baseball fans, the Rumor Mill wants YOU! That’s right, I’m looking for a guest blogger or two to help me keep this blog cranking on all cylinders. While I’ll still be blogging regularly, I’m often limited in the number of stories I can cover. I try to pick the most interesting ones each day, but there always seem to be a couple I just don’t get to. So, what better place to turn to than our regular readers and MLBlogs? MLBlogs is full of great writers and more importantly, fantastic baseball fans. Unfortunately, I’m not able to offer cash payment for your efforts. However, there will be some return. The guest blogger(s) will get a byline and exposure on one of the most popular MLBlogs (last week alone we had nearly 16,000 visitors) as well as links to the blog of your choice. So, if you’d like to become a contributor to the Rumor Mill, either drop me a line in the comments or send me an email to RumorMillRumblings[at]gmail.com. A brief sample of previous writings would be good to include as well as our readers are our top priority. So whataya say? You in?